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Probably the most awesome journal you'll ever see...

Jesse "Xavier" Raines (Lint)
30 December
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The first paragraph should always be one of the most interesting. How else are you supposed to draw people in? You don't want to bore them, or chase them away. You want to pull them in and make them listen to your words. A "Once Upon a time" is not the way to go. You might as well just have said "The End".

Oh, and if you add me as a friend, then later decide to remove me, I will remove you too. If you don't want to read my LJ, then I don't want to read yours.


*This is a friends only journal
*You add me as a friend, I will add you
*If my layout is too bright and happy for you, then I'm too bright and happy for you.
*I do NOT delete comments. And if I do, they are always my own when I made a grammar mistake or something and fixed it, I will always repost the message.
*I have been known to post many entries a day, so I may clog a friend's page, this is rare.'
*I now remove people if I do not like them. I remove them for no other reason than this. So if you aren't an asshole, I won't remove you.

Communities I own:

anderson_kids- A comunity for those who go to my high school
broken_mind- An old community of mine that is for people to express themselves, mostly through poetry
dib_kicks_booty- A very unsuccessful community dedicated to Dib from invader Zim
dowaba- A new community of mine that is just a bunch of people getting together and discussing random things
fuzzy_bluelf- A community dedicated to the loveable Nightcrawler from X-men
gorillaz- A community dedicated to the band Gorillaz
i_give_up- A community for riddles and solving them
invader_zim- My most popular community which is dedicated to the show Invader Zim
real_beauties- A nonrating community where anyone can post their pictures and not feel judged

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I'm a listed fan of:

Nightmare Before Christmas Fan!
Tim Burton Fan!

Dedicated LJer since: 4.16.2001